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Hugo v0.119.0

Hugo Release Notes Hugo
{ .img-fluid .mb-5} This version is built with Go 1.21.1 which contains some relevant security fixes for the html/template package, see Issue 62196 and Issue 62197. This is the main reason Hugo 0.119.0 is released sooner rather than later. But this release also comes with a dependency refresh and some useful image processing improvements: A new general-purpose Process method and filter. A new …
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Bootstrap 5.3.0

It’s official, the final stable release of v5.3.0 has landed!
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Hugo v0.100.2

Hugo Release Notes Hugo
{ .img-fluid .mb-5 } This release is mostly motivated by the fix for the panic experienced by people having blackfriday configured as defaultMarkdownHandler (#9968). The Blackfriday support was removed in Hugo v0.100.0 after being deprecated with a warning for a long time. v0.100.1 fix panic with markdownify/RenderString with shortcode on Page with no content file. $page.RenderString (see #6703) …
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Hugo Bootstrap Theme alpha

Hugo theme for a secure, blazing fast and SEO-ready static website, using Bootstrap 5.
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Hugo v0.99.1

Hugo Release Notes Hugo
{ .img-fluid .mb-5 } Fix server regression for multihost sites (multiple languages with different baseURLs). Release Notes on GitHub.
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Bootstrap 5.2.0 beta

It’s the biggest release since v5 itself—Bootstrap v5.2.0-beta1 is here!